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      Eat like a family

      Great teams eat together and grow together.Our high-quality, family-style meals are designed to foster authentic connection and team synergy.

      1. You choose

      Pick any day and make a choice.

      2. We make

      We cook your meal in the morning using only fresh ingredients.

      3. We deliver

      Your meal will arrive before 11pm fresh and ready to eat.

      4. You eat

      It’s best to start within 12 hours for maximum freshness and flavor.

      Our Specialties

      Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and afternoon snacks — we are here to provide you with delicious foods











      Falafel with slaw, hummus & salsa

      The roasted sweet potato with coriander and chickpea gives the falafel a great flavor are accompanied by a chile pepper hummus. The salsa’s a tangy mix of ripe tomatoes, finely chopped red onion, balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil.


      Sesame salmon with a noodle salad

      Your salmon fillet is baked with toasted sesame seeds and served next to a rice pasta salad with stuffed gherkin, carrot, and beetroot. To fragrance the flavor we dress the pasta in sesame oil and add a tahini dressing.


      Vietnamese chicken vermicelli noodles with a salad

      Vietnamese-roasted chicken breast with brown rice vermicelli and soy sauce. To balance the rich salty flavor we add raw grapefruit, red pepper, gherkin pickle, coriander, and peanuts.

      Take care of your team. Order delicious and healthy meals.

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      Creating a healthy eating culture in the workplace

      We are creating an eating culture that starts with your team and imbues your clientele with it. Simple, healthy food, eaten together, made and delivered with integrity. A friendly atmosphere is the cornerstone of everything we do at our company – from kitchen to your plate. Inclusive eating is where new connections and ideas come from. We deliver meals to build a more productive, friendly, and happy workplace by making the eating process way more fun and healthy.

      HealthyEating believes in scratch cooking using simple, fresh, and whole ingredients so you can feel like a million bucks every day.

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      What we’re all about

      Deliciously nutritious food

      Recyclable packaging

      Meals are readyto eat

      Menus update daily

      Our Services

      Food delivery

      Whether you need a lunch served for a few people in your office or thousands at the next corporate event, HealthyEating is here to offer you our rich menu. Box lunches, hot & cold catering — our team will take care of every detail to make your perfect meal.

      Healthy box lunch delivery

      The lunch box menu features a wide variety of sandwiches, salads, wraps, and pastry. Homebaked bread, crunchy vegetables, fine meats, and cheeses topped with your favorite dressings — you are sure to find something special.

      Hot & cold catering

      Start the day off right with a classic continental or a build-your-own parfait breakfast. Our lunch menu for companies features exquisite sandwich platters, fresh party salads, hot tender pot roast. Also available are seasonal vegetables and fruits!

      Free office delivery, saving card and gifts

      To ensure regular deliveries, the freshness, and quality of our products, your company must be registered and accepted as a drop-off point on our delivery routes. With every lunch delivery purchase, you will earn bonus points that you can exchange for discounts or our branded products as part of our bonus program.

      Delivery to Your Office


      Amanda Peterson photo

      Claudia Lloyd

      Office Manager at Oceantronics

      "We really love using HealthyEating for our team lunches. They always deliver the food on time,there’s a great variety to choose from with options for everyone and it’s really easy to order!"


      • How do I preview details of my meal?

        From your Meal Calendar, click on the photo of the meal you’d like to preview. This will link you to the full menu and meal details page.
      • How do I see which products contain allergy-causing agents?

        Labels note when the following common FDA allergens are present: gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, shellfish. Additionally, this information will be specified on labels on your meal.As with any restaurant-prepared meal, cross contamination is possible. If this is a concern for your team, please chat directly with us about it.
      • Do you serve breakfast too? Happy hours?

        HealthyEating serves all meals! Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, happy hour, treats – you name it, we can do it!
      • How do I add a meal?

        You can add a meal by clicking “Request a Meal” on the top right of your Meal Calendar. Note that meals requested with less than two business days notice are not guaranteed. You can also request a meal by clicking on any date without a meal on your meal calendar.
      • How do I change my schedule?

        Please contact your Customer Success Manager or email moc.liame%40etisym with the schedule changes you’d like to make and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
      • How do I share meal details with my team?

        Click the ellipsis (...) on the meal in your Meal Calendar or the two squares within the meal itself on the bottom of the screen to copy the meal URL and send it to your team.Also, you and your team can integrate your calendars or Slack with your Meal Calendar. To do so, click your name on the upper right-hand side of the page and select “Preferences”. On the left, click “Notifications” and scroll down to “Integrations” where you’ll find instructions to setup calendar and Slack integrations*.
        *Slack integrations must be completed by your team’s Slack administrator.

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      Creating a healthy eating culture in the workplace

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